Best reflexologist

Wendy is the best reflexologist I have ever experienced. I have had reflexology in England, France, and other parts of America and no one else comes close. After a session with Wendy, you can feel the energy shift and it flows much more fluidly. Whatever blockages were there are gone. I can feel the results immediately. She truly is a healer. 

AQ - Government Employee

Massage Time Rewarding

I find my time with massage therapy most rewarding. The way I find it helps, is with my circulation, stress and relaxation. I have been with Wendy for many years and at one time stopped my sessions for a short time and really felt an extreme difference in my life and started up again, never to stop again. Wendy is the best and I would never use anyone else. JG - Retired

Whole Body Feels Cleansed

After a foot reflexology session, my whole body feels cleansed, my feet feel smaller. JR - Health Kinesiologist

Facial Rejuvenation

I'm 55 and never took good care of my skin. Wendy explained the concept of Facial Rejuvenation massage and I was blessed to partake. Not only is it relaxing and renewing to your skin, but also to the underlying muscle. She demonstrated that first day on one side of my face, and I could see the difference between right and left. I recommend it. KM - Health Care Worker

Variety of Modalties helped

Wendy has worked with me for more than a decade. In that time, she has used a variety of effective modalities like reflexology, reiki, and other energy work to help me stay open and relaxed in life's ups and downs. She is an intuitive and natural healer. RDE - Transportation Professional

Rejuvenating Reflexology

I've just had a reflexology treatment with Wendy. It was completely rejuvenating; I felt that my energy was well-balanced. To my surprise, the treatment not only included foot reflexology, but Wendy also worked my face and arms. Totally relaxing. LS - Retired